OEUK (OGUK) Offshore Medical 

in Málaga-Spain

Offshore workers need to pass an Offshore Medical Examination if they wish to work offshore. The current standard is quoted as OEUK (Offshore Energies UK). Since December 2021 OGUK becomes OEUK (Offshore Energies UK)

The Offshore Medical is valid for a maximun of two years and allows an employee to work in the Offshore sector. However some persons may be given certificates of shorter duration if they have medical problems that need earlier review. The offshore medical is required by employers or companies before personnel can be deployed to some offshore workplaces around the world and is normally recognized by Norwegian (OLF) and Dutch Authorities (NOGEPA). If you pass, you receive a certificate of fitness. This OEUK certificate has to be done by an OEUK Registered Doctor. It takes about 30 minutes with the doctor and nurse. The results will be available at the time of your medical appointment. If you are fit, you can get your fitness certificate immediately. You need to bring your id card or passport. Our price for a basic OEUK is 150€. Every aditional test (like Drug & Alcohol test, ECG, X-ray, Blood test, etc.) required by your Company, Medical Advisor, or considered by our Registered Doctor it will be charged apart.

We also provide medical certificate to undertake in-water-EBS Training (CA-EBS medical certificate), the ERT OEUK medical (emergency response teams) , Chester Step Test, and "return to work" certificates.


An OEUK Offshore Medical normally consists of the following:

Patient Health History Questionaire

Urinalysis - routine urine test with immediate result

 Height, weight, Body Mass Index, and waist-to-height ratio

Visual Acuity

Blood Pressure Measurement

Audiometry (hearing test)

Consultation and Physical Examination with an OEUK Doctor


We perform OEUK (OGUK) Offshore Medical in Spain at Servicio Medico Costa del Sol in Torremolinos (Málaga). 

We Are available from Monday to Friday 9,00am to 13,00pm.  If you want to book an appointment please contact here